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We help obtain the maximum amount of college financial aid for our clients.

Our expertise works to obtain the maximum college financial assistance for our clients.

The challenge of paying for a college education requires experienced guidance and expertise to ensure that a family receives all the financial aid to which they are entitled. We have that expertise and fully understand the difficult and complicated process. When you use our services, we gather the necessary information and complete all the paperwork required to qualify for the maximum amount of financial assistance. We’ll work with you and spend the time needed to explain how the financial aid process works. And we pay attention to the details, because even a small item may be significant and affect the final amount you pay to finance a college education each year. Get it right; don’t miss out on every dollar you’re entitled to.

Based on your particular situation, our efforts may include:

  • Creating a family-specific report that presents the path to maximizing financial aid eligibility
  • Reviewing your college savings plan, contribution level, and asset equity
  • Preparation of FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Preparation of CSS (College Scholarship Service) Financial Aid PROFILE application
  • Preparation of individual college financial aid applications
  • Completion of all supplemental forms
  • Reviewing and interpreting financial aid award notices
  • Writing letters of appeal to colleges concerning amount and type of student financial assistance, when necessary
  • Solving all problems that may arise during the financial aid application process
  • Developing strategies designed to keep your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as low as possible

Call us when your student is a freshman in high school to allow enough time for the process!

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