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Our Clients’ Success is Our Success

As an educator, I commend the wonderful work that Stu and his team have done over the years that has helped so many students go on to college.

Sandra K., Ph.D, Hartford, CT

If it wasn’t for your know-how we wouldn’t have received the financial aid we did get.

Carol Anne M., Wethersfield, CT

I underestimated the complicated nature of the college financial aid planning process of today. I must admit to you, it is not like me to complement for average performance. But what you provided was clearly exceptional service and knowledge.

Manjit and Ashok A., Riverdale, NY

If it weren’t for you we would be very much in debt. Instead, we have paid for her college and came out broke, but not in debt. You saved us at least $30,000 to $40,000 in tuition.

John F., Manchester, CT

Your constant support and patience with my endless questions has made this stressful process seem easy. The letter you wrote requesting more aid for A. increased his aid by $6,000! Amazing.

Tim and Susan A., Wantagh, NY

Initially we were not entirely sure if a “Financial Aid Expert” was really someone we wanted to invest in. Having been through it now, we can confidently state that ACPS was the wisest investment we could have ever made.

Ron and Jean P., Unionville, CT

If we did not have your help, I doubt college would have been an option for me. I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for and have helped me create a better future for myself.

Taylor R., N. Haven, CT